Spa Chemicals


Water Care Systems

FROG Water Care System

The FROG integrated water care system makes hot tub water treatment super simple. There’s nothing to measure or pour. Just dial in the recommended use level on the mineral and bromine cartridges and insert the cartridges into the integrated housing built into the hot tub.

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MONARCH CD Ozone Water Care System

The optional Monarch Corona Discharge (CD) ozone water care system is a virtually chlorine-free approach to water care. It reduces the need for hot tub chemicals by continuously mixing highly concentrated ozone into the water in combination with MPS and silver ions.

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Start with Clean Water

To ensure the cleanest, softest water, use the Clean Screen™ pre-filter and Vanishing Act™ calcium remover. These two innovative water care products work especially well with the SPA FROG system to optimize water treatment. Use the Clean Screen pre-filter to ensure that fresh, clean water is introduced into your spa. Then, reduce your water hardness with the Vanishing Act calcium remover and create softer feeling water. Together, these chemical-free treatments help you experience superior water quality and extend the time between water changes.


Clean Screen Pre-Filter

water-clean-screenThe Clean Screen pre-filter prevents organic contaminants, tannins, copper, iron and other metals from entering your spa water. It’s simple to use – just attach it to a garden hose, fill your spa and enjoy fresh, clean water.




Vanishing Act Calcium Remover

water-calc-removerTo soften hard water without chemical additives, use the Vanishing Act calcium remover. Softer water leaves your skin feeling silkier, and helps protect your hot tub from the damaging effects of hard water.






Exclusive Monarch Water and Spa Care Products

When caring for your Caldera spa, be sure to use only Caldera water care products – they’re designed specifically for compatibility with your spa. With our Monarch line of high quality water care products, you can easily keep your spa water clean, clear and ready to enjoy. To view the full selection of products, please visit your local dealer.


Concentrated Chlorine Granules

These completely soluble and nearly pH neutral granules are a popular and efficient water sanitizer solution. Product is available in 14 oz., 1.75 lb. and 3 lb. bottles.


pH/Alkalinity Up, pH/Alkalinity Down

Up prevents pH bounce and deterioration of spa surface and fittings from low total alkalinity, while Down decreases spa water pH.


Calcium Hardness Increaser

Raises calcium levels in spa water to protect against “soft” water corrosion and staining.


Stain & Scale Defense

Prevents calcium build-up on spa surfaces and controls stain and scale formation.



Quickly eliminates foaming caused by soap, shampoo, cleaners and other residues.


Monarch 5-Way Test Strips

Use these test strips to check for levels of chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity and total hardness of your spa water.


Replacement Hot Tub Filters

Our specially designed, genuine Caldera replacement hot tub filters provide the best fit and performance for your spa.